GlideLite Mohair Mix STS 125mm

1495,00 SEK Ord. Pris (1795,00 SEK)
1495,00 SEK Ord. Pris (1795,00 SEK)
1495,00 SEK Ord. Pris (1795,00 SEK)
1495,00 SEK Ord. Pris (1795,00 SEK)


BALCK DIAMOND GlideLite Mohair Mix STS Skins

Bättre Glid. I år kommer huden monterad och klar. Du köper på hur långa skidor som du har. (Kolla rull listen ovan).

Kniv för att skära huden följer med...


With a redesigned construction that offers drastically less weight and improved packability, our UltraLite Mix STS skins feature a mohair/nylon mix, a replaceable Dynex and aluminum tip loop and our versatile STS tail attachment.

From mid-week dawn patrols to remote ski expeditions, the Black Diamond UltraLite Mix STS skins are ideal for when efficiency and packability are essential. Built with our mohair-nylon mix and a completely updated construction that makes them 20% lighter and more packable, the UltraLite Mix STS provide the perfect balance of lightweight glide and uphill traction. An innovative Dynex™ and aluminum LT tip loop provides a secure and field-replaceable connection, while our reliable STS tail attachment allows for up to 10 cm of adjustment.

Mix of 65% mohair and 35% nylon

Redesigned construction is 20% lighter and more packable
Ultralight, field-replaceable Dynex™ and aluminum tip loops fit wide range of ski tip shapes
Patented STS tails provide 10 cm of length adjustment
STS tail allows for easy adjustment between different skis or one-and-done tensioning


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